Friends of FinSiteful

Late Summer/Early Fall 2020

Letter from the CEO

It’s been quite the year. From starting this company as an investment analytics service, to transitioning to helping colleges empower their students and enhance the student experience, FinSiteful, Inc. has come a long way. For those who are unfamiliar, we build financial education software  that brings knowledge and tools to students across the country and the world. Although we have just begun, our team of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Economics graduates are committed to ensuring students everywhere leave college prepared to deal with the financial complexities of life.

Despite the cultural, economic, and personal implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, our small team has remained hard at work. Several of us moved onto a family farm in South Carolina, while other team members moved in with their families. We took the precautions needed to protect ourselves and others, all while putting our nose to the grindstone to ensure FinSiteful not only survives, but thrives in this new era.

As many of you know, the pandemic has significantly impacted students of all backgrounds, particularly when it comes to their financial situation. That means now, more than ever, students are in need of financial education that empowers them to focus on what truly matters during their formative college years.

As of May of this year, we completed the beta version of our software, an iOS application, that has been in the hands of beta testers since June. We work diligently with them to ensure our product meets their needs~~, hopes,~~ and to ensure that we identify the problems that need to be solved. We are thankful for their support.

Moving into the late summer and early fall, we are ramping up these efforts and are actively pursuing partnerships with like-minded companies and universities across the US.

To all those reading this, we are grateful for your continued support, and we are looking forward to sharing FinSiteful’s achievements as we push onward.
Jack Clary

Partnership with NextPlay

We are excited to announce that we have entered into a partnership with NextPlay, a company geared towards providing professional development and networking solutions to college athletes. We believe in NextPlay’s mission of preparing college students for lifelong success and are committed to that same goal. We will be helping NextPlay help student athletes around the country to develop financial health and decision making skills.

A bit about the FinSiteful App

Getting started with the FinSiteful app is simple. We use bank-level encryption so users can feel safe knowing their data is 100% secure. We then help users through the process of setting up a budget that meets their needs and allows them to achieve their goals. Goals-based savings prompt users to think about what their financial goals are and what they need to achieve them, while social accountability groups allow students and their friends to encourage each other to make smart financial decisions. As the app grows, the ability to customize it and receive tailored advice will increase as well.
We are committed providing quality financial education in an easy-to-use format. Our financial education ‘Pathways’ walk students through various financial challenges, such as building credit or renting an apartment. All information is accessible, and our platform focuses on celebrating what success looks like for each student. At FinSiteful, we believe every student deserves the opportunity to graduate college with the ability to make smart, informed financial decisions.
To make this possible, we license our application to colleges and student-oriented organizations so that all students have access, regardless of individual ability to pay. Our iOS app is currently in the beta testing stage and we continue to develop new features. We are very excited about the future of the product and developing the Android version.

Remote Work

On the Farm
When the pandemic hit and school closed, we needed a place to stay safe while continuing to work on the company. Fortunately for us, Jack’s family owns a farm in Swansea, South Carolina. So in May, Jack, Pasha, and I took working remotely to a whole new level and packed up our things and moved down. 
Not only do we have a place to live, but we also have a place to work. After some cleaning and organizing, we were able to convert the small, old pool house into our office. This has allowed us to have some separation between our work lives and our non-work lives. Our mental sanity definitely thanks us for this!
Being here has also made it very easy to relax. There are simply no distractions or disturbances, even with everything happening in the world. We are able to just look out across the acres and acres of corn and breathe. If we’re lucky, we might even catch a gorgeous sunset, or a menacing lightning storm. 
I have also grown as a man as I have been forced to face my fear of spiders and snakes! With a 7 foot black snake taking refuge in the garage, doing laundry has been a mental struggle for me. By the time I leave here, I may be the fastest person in the world at loading and unloading a washing machine. 
Hi from Swansea,
Axel Fries
Remote from CA
When Davidson College announced that the school would be conducting remote learning for the remainder of the semester in mid-March, students were left to decide where they would complete their studies. While part of the team relocated to a farm in South Carolina, I returned to my family’s home in Northern California. 
The transition to remote learning and remote work wasn’t easy, but the dedication of the FinSiteful team made it possible. My life in California might not be as adventure-filled as that of my teammates on the farm (no giant snakes in the garage here!) but it has certainly been an adjustment. My mind now thinks of everything based on when it is happening on the East Coast. This time has taught us much about the importance of effective communication and teamwork, and I believe we are stronger for it.
Téa Rankin-Williams
Marketing & Sales

We'd like to thank you all for your continued support of FinSiteful.

Best Wishes,

The FinSiteful Team