Financial education
for today's student

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Your students are hurting.

What are you doing to help them?


The percent of students running out of money before the end of the semester.


The percent of students who feel anxious about their finances.​


The percent of students who receive financial literacy training in high school or college.

Empower your students to take control over their financial situation.

Even the playing field

Currently, financial education is not reaching the students who need it most. By providing FinSiteful, you are democratizing access to financial wellbeing.

Bolster online learning

FinSiteful's experiential platform allows for distance learning, so colleges are able to provide their students with a more holistic learning experience, whether on or off campus.

Provide lifelong skills

Unfortunately, they can't stay at your school forever. But with FinSiteful, your students will graduate with the skills they need to be financially successful in life after college.

Support for FinSiteful

"I am excited about what FinSiteful is doing in the financial education space. Their solution offers an experience while also making the learning process accessible and enjoyable for students." Stephen M. Horan PhD, CFA, CIPM, CAIA Managing Director, Americas Region and Professional Learning, CFA Institute

"We are excited to partner with FinSiteful to further empower our athlete users through financial education." Kyle Mumma CEO, NextPlay 

Budget by month, day, week, or custom period!

Students are more vulnerable now than ever.

Due to the pandemic, students and their families have lost jobs and are struggling to manage reduced income.
The FinSiteful app helps even the playing field so that all students, regardless of socio-economic background, are given the tools to develop financial literacy skills and make confident financial decisions.

Bolster the online learning experience.

By integrating FinSiteful's experiential learning platform that allows for distance learning, colleges are able to provide their students with a more holistic learning experience, whether on or off campus.

Reinventing student financial wellness.

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