Truly effective financial literacy built by students for students.

Why are student finances so complicated? Learning how to manage your finances, filling out the FAFSA form, accessing extra financial aid, and even choosing which school to attend is painfully complex.

Well, FinSiteful brings all these things onto one platform built by students for students to make everyone's lives easier.



"Our students often struggle with financial problems, and FinSiteful has proven extremely helpful in proposing solutions for students on an individual basis. This has helped us with our retention rates and indeed overall student success"

The Student Financial Experience All-in One Place

  • Lifelong Financial Literacy

    Financial Guides built for student-specific situations.

  • Real-time, Student Centric Financial Management

    Financial Management for day-to-day and semester-to-semester financial decisions.

  • Get life-saving access to financial resources

    Proactively connects students to financial resources when they need them most.

  • Never worry about FAFSA again

    Easy, automated FAFSA completion.

We Help Student Services and Financial Aid Offices

Financial Literacy

Better Student Retention Through Financial Literacy

Financial Management

Insightful Data Leads to Better Grant Money

Life-Saving Access

Industry Leading Predictive Access to Emergency Money Improves Student Retention 


Automate Away the Time Consuming Parts of Handling FAFSA

The FinSiteful Difference

Help More Students

Help 1000x more students in the same amount of time through our always accessible platform

Empower Financial Aid Teams

Empower financial aid teams to avoid mistakes with custom, automated reporting

Increase Student Retention

13.1% Increase in Student Persistence and Retention via proactive and automated financial resource access

Co-Develop Innovative Technology
Co-Development Promise

By partnering with FinSiteful you are committing to the next generation of education

What students are saying

  • "Crucial Information"
    It offers a lot of crucial information and I am learning so much and brushing over some key concepts again.
  • "Filled a need"
    I have to say you have filled a want/need I have had in my head for a while now. It is nice to have an app where you can see all of your accounts together and how they interact.
  • "Amazing App"
    It is truly an amazing app and I know for a fact it will help a lot of people. I am encouraging all my friends to download it and start learning.
  • "Amazing Thus Far"
    It’s amazing thus far, I was excited to see my first actual networth! I’m excited to grow and train myself better financially through this app
  • "It helps by keeping track of what I spend"
    It helps by keeping track of what I spend, budgeting better, and seeing all the income i have coming in and going out.
  • "Easy"
    Achieving goals becomes easy.
  • "Helps me to visualize my spending"
    I love how in budgets I can see how I spent my money in different categories automatically, it helps me to visualize my spendings, and also be possible to see all the accounts in one place and get a report of my bank movements.
  • "I love the performance reports"
    I love the performance reports because they are very useful to track your finances.

Schools we work with 

  • “I've enjoyed working with FinSiteful! I have found the team to be prompt, easy to work with and kind. I especially enjoy the insights that are provided about students and the desire to help them with their finances. Axel and team are always open to trying something new and figuring out how to best meet the needs of our students.”
  • “FinSiteful has been very beneficial in the financial education and NIL preparation for Morgan State student-athletes. FinSiteful has an unique ability of connecting and simplifying the complex message of financial literacy to today's student-athlete and their needs.

    Morgan State Student-Athlete Development and Life Skills program is designed to Educate, Empower and Expose our student-athletes with resources that will benefit them in the classroom, competition, community and life after Morgan State. We are grateful for our partnership with FinSiteful and look forward to more ahead.”
  • "We're very pleased to partner with FinSiteful to provide financial literacy to our students. Our students often struggle with financial problems, and FinSiteful has proven extremely helpful in proposing solutions for students on an individual basis. This has helped us with our retention rates and indeed overall student success at Beaufort."

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it’s an entire platform with multiple products to help you and your students with various problems. Evolving daily.

Our team is on standby and will respond as soon as possible!

Students, administrators, financial aid counselors, you name it!

We have live data dashboards built specifically for your campus. This will be your de facto place to view the platform working!

Less than you think, but seriously, it’s very cost effective.

Nothing, but if your specific use cases call for integrations, which some do, we are happy to make them happen.

Set-up time is basically instant!

We’d like to think so, but it is evolving daily to better serve students, so we like to say we are well on our way to being the greatest platform of all time!

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